Connected Worlds
American Airlines Cargo is celebrating 75 years with a collection of commemorative posters spotlighting the role it plays in connecting the world and enabling life's most important moments. Ever since pioneering the first air cargo flight on Oct. 15, 1944, American has touched the lives of people all around the world by bringing the world to where they live, work and play.

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The Natural World
We live in constant awe of our planet. We celebrate uniting the resources, wildlife and flavors of exotic lands found across the corners of the Earth.
The Fields of Dreamers
Innovation is among our biggest exports. We celebrate carrying the scientific discoveries forged by our curiosity to better this world.
The Work of Artists
To see is to know. We celebrate our place in presenting the cultural ideals, fashions and industries that unite humanity under a common bond.

Can I print these posters for free?
Yes, these posters are free to download and print for your home or the office.

How do I download the posters?
Simply download the posters by clicking on the PDF file. Once downloaded, print them out and share yours with us on LinkedIn with the hashtag #AACargo.

Where can I find a high-resolution version of these posters?
If you're interested in obtaining a TIFF version of these posters, simply email us at
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