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We’re hard at work to improve your shipping experience on iCargo, our large-scale technology modernization project, is set to deploy its first phase in the fall of 2019. With iCargo, you’ll have enhanced tools and features so you can do business online, wherever you are, from your desktop computer or mobile device.

Our goal is to make this change a seamless process and keep you informed every step of the way. We’ll continue to update this page as information and resources become available. 
New features on
Access all of these features in real time anywhere you are from your desktop or mobile device.
Real-time access
to booking information
and shipment data
End-to-end visibility
with proactive notifications and mobile
access that help you stay informed
every step of the way
Self-service rates
and tariff information available
to you when you need it
To take advantage of all of these convenient new features on, make sure your company is registered on and you know who is assigned as your Super Administrator.
Beginning October 1, users assigned permission will be able to access rates through

The “Rate” permission will be automatically assigned to Super Administrators and Administrators / Users who hold booking and/or accounting/invoice permission.
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