Accessing with a Super Administrator
To access all the new features you'll see in the new, your company will need two things:

  • Online access at
  • A current employee as a Super Administrator

For branch offices, make sure your team has an administrative user registered to create users and assign user roles. If your company is international, please note that there may be one Super Administrator per country. 
Already a user?
This fall, accessing these new features will be simple. To ensure seamless service, please make sure the person with Super Administrator rights is a current employee and in the same role.

To check on this, you can look up your Super Administrator by using

If you need to update any of these fields, your Super Administrator can make the changes and assign new roles. If the role needs to change, please fill out a new Company Agreement and specify the request to replace the Super Administrator in the form.
Need to register?
Signing up for online access to is simple at

  • Sign Company Agreement and follow the instructions to submit to American Airlines Cargo. The person signing the agreement must have authority to make decisions for the company and designate a Super Administrator.
  • Once the agreement is processed in 1 to 2 business days, the Super Administrator will receive an email with instructions on how to login.
  • Once logged in, the Super Administrator can create Users and assign roles.
Understanding user types
It’s important to remember that can contain sensitive company information. That's why we have developed this process to allow you to designate who is allowed access. Here's a brief overview of the three user types on and what they have access to.
Super Administrator

System-wide ability to establish and expand the authority of Administrators, set up Users, enable/disable Users and reset all passwords.

Authority to create and determine access levels for Users within a set of shipping locations for their company, typically on a regional level.

Access to view shipment information associated with specific locations.
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