Accessing self-service rates on
Beginning October 1, users assigned permission will be able to access your rates through

The “Rate” permission will be automatically assigned to currently registered Super Administrators and Administrators / Users who hold booking and/or accounting/invoice permission.

If you do not wish to have that permission automatically granted, please let your sales representative know or notify us at
Making rate accessibility changes with the new
This fall, the Super Administrator can go in and remove—or add—the “R” rate permission to any registered Administrators or Users, as well as assign the permission to any new Administrators and Users that they may create in the future.

Click here for instructions on how a Super Administrator or Administrator can create a new user and/or assign permissions. You can find these steps in the User Administration section.
Understanding user types
It’s important to remember that can contain sensitive company information. That's why we have developed this process to allow you to designate who is allowed access. Here's a brief overview of the three user types on and what they have access to.
Super Administrator

System-wide ability to establish and expand the authority of Administrators, set up Users, enable/disable Users and reset all passwords.

Authority to create and determine access levels for Users within a set of shipping locations for their company, typically on a regional level.

Access to view shipment information associated with specific locations.
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