Medical tourism is on the rise in Latin America
Virtually all Latin American countries are experiencing increasing demand for healthcare products and services from throughout the region and around the globe because of medical tourism.

Some data shows that “medical tourism” into Latin America is on the rise in the large metropolitan areas where quality healthcare is offered at lower prices than the United States and Europe. Patients are flying from around the world into Latin America to gain easier access to cheaper treatment in Costa Rica, Mexico and Argentina, among others.

These tourists pour into Latin America to gain quality care in dentistry, cosmetic surgery and other various treatments. It’s a testament to the easy access and relatively low cost of healthcare available in Latin America, and the opportunity exists for governments to promote initiatives supporting this trend.

Related to medical tourism is the growth in the number of retirees migrating south from North America into the region. As Latin America’s healthcare options have increased, U.S. retirees are finding many of its southern neighbors attractive places to retire. Cities such as Medellin, Colombia, which used to be famous for drug trafficking, now offer retirees safe communities with quality healthcare and affordable living. 

Colombia, Panama and Nicaragua have been identified as the best places for U.S. retirees looking for a better quality of life with lots of cultural options, outdoor activities, inexpensive healthcare options – such as $30 dental cleanings and affordable in-home care – all available for about half of the average U.S. retirement income. In exchange, many retirees and medical tourists bring needed jobs to their new communities.
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With this shift in population comes an unexpected demand on public resources in the receiving country, some of which are looking to control costs by tightening their immigration policies and/or limiting their national healthcare to citizens.

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