Patients, Processes and Partnerships: The Path to Personalized Medicine
The path to personalized medicine in Latin America
Pharmaceutical solutions are still dominated by a focus on population health. All patients over the age of 3 are given the same dosage of the flu vaccine by a medical professional. The needle, empty vial and all other packaging are then disposed of – in bulk – through the facility administering the vaccines.

These vaccines arrive via temperature-controlled containers that were loaded onto a truck or an airplane and stored between moves in refrigerated facilities, where an expert waits on-site to receive the vaccines and place them in a waiting refrigerator.

Every year, hundreds of millions of flu vaccines are distributed this way around the globe. These vaccines are formulated based on the type of flu expected to be most prevalent, and then millions of doses of the exact same size and strength are created. This means that, in many cases, patients will have negative reactions to the vaccine.

Personalized medicine, also known as precision medicine or targeted medicine, is expected to change all of that in the region. Personalized medicine is likely to triple in the near future with $140 billion in market revenue expected by 2026.

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