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With cargo-only flights, charter flights and scheduled domestic and international service, we're providing capacity to keep the global supply chain moving.

If you have goods to ship, we’re here to guide you to the right solution.

If you’re a business…

...then you should apply for an account to become a Known Shipper.

Since we’re a passenger airline, it’s important that any business shipping goods with us be designated as a Known Shipper in coordination with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Once your business has an account with us as a Known Shipper, you can work with your sales representative to get rates and book capacity for your shipments on American Airlines aircraft.

If you’re an individual…

...then you should search for a freight forwarder in your local area. Freight forwarders have established accounts with us and can facilitate the customs paperwork requirements on your behalf.

If you’re transporting a pet…

...then we’ve got you covered. We’ve been transporting our furry friends for more than 50 years, so we’re committed to making their journey as comfortable as possible.

If you're looking to charter a flight...

...then you should send our team an email requesting a charter flight.

Simply email with your business needs, and our team will respond shortly with more information.

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